The Truth About Enlargement Surgery

Many men consider enlargement surgery but are put off by being unsure of what enlargement surgery involves and a general lack of information. Every man has his own reasons to want to be bigger so we have written this short summary of how the enlargement surgery works and what to expect afterwards.

There are two types of surgery available, one to increase girth and one that increases length.

Surgery to increase the girth of the penis is done by injecting fat cells taken from other body parts into the shaft of the penis. This procedure does tend to have more complications, such as lumpiness and scarring, and requires regular ‘top-up’ treatments as the body will reabsorb the fat. However, there is another surgery available where a biodegradable tube is inserted under the skin and is then filled with tissue cells but this type of surgery is still in an experimental stage. Depending on the original girth, both types of surgery can add up to 4cm to the circumference of the penis.

Surgery to increase the length of the penis is done by ‘untying’ the penis at the base of the shaft by cutting through one of the supporting ligaments. This allows the penis to hang lower when flaccid, giving up to a 2cm gain in length but does not actually increase erection size and the erect penis no longer stands at its previous angle. Many men complain afterwards that the lack of support from the ligament makes sex uncomfortable.

As both these procedures are classed as cosmetic, it is only an option through private hospitals or cosmetic plastic surgeries and as such, can be quite expensive operations. It is therefore very important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages before committing to having a procedure done to enlarge the penis.